HannaH's Field

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HannaH's Field provides a melodical embrace in a world growing ever too distant. With a blend of dimension shifting intentions and positive vibrations, they brew a musical medicine that can be described as "Reggae Roots with a one love message" or in other words, Magic. Nominated best female vocalist in Hartford for many years, this powerful songstress has shared the stage with such great acts as Derek Trucks, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, the Average White Band, Donna Jean from the Grateful Dead, the Samples, Gov't Mule featuring members of the Allman Brothers Band, Indubious, Dub Apocalypse, Spiritual Rez and The Brothers Johnson. They have performed at festivals such as The 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, Unifier, and Project Earth.

They have songs in regular rotation on SiriusXM, The Joint. Their music also charted #11 on Relix/Jam Bands radio chart.

"This is unhurried music that urges listeners to connect with each other and with the Earth and to stay creative as a way of making better sense of our lives" - John Adamian (Hartford Courant)

Their newest album, Crystal Vision, is truly an offering for the ages. Within the perils of our current affairs, the world is in dire need of healing. This collection of song elixirs promotes a message, a proclamation of light and love for uncertain times.

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Included in the packaging of a physical CD is a custom chakra crystal grid and gem stones, aligned with the energy of each song selected by crystal experts.

To order the grid go to:

HannaH's Field explains their inspiration: "Crystal Vision is our tool to aid you in experiencing more positivity on this Earth plane. We were guided to include a crystal grid with our music to help expand and accelerate the collective manifestation of a loving tomorrow."

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